May 27th, 2006


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So an hour ago, I was exhausted tired, falling asleep sitting up. Now all of a sudden, I'm wired. I know it's gonna crash shortly though, so in the meantime, I'm brain-dumping.

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Good night Mrs. Calabash.

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I had to give up on the stabilization of the train footage.

I was able to get some of it to stabilize, but some of it was just too far gone. I tried pulling another clip from the raw footage, doing a flip-and-reverse, finally managed to get that to track, started assembling the pieces then discovered that Tony had applied a nifty digital zoom to a couple of the clips, and it was just too much. I've burned several hours on this scene with naught but frustration, and it's time to call it.

If I had more time, I could do it. As it is, I'm color-correcting and moving on.

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Yesterday I mentioned in passing that Janet Jackson looks freakin' hot. She lost 60 lbs in four months-- of course that was a hell of a lot of work, with hours of workout a day (45 minute cardio, weitht lifting and ab workout for the rest).

She turns 40 this year.

Something to bear in mind is that she's always been pretty doggone muscular, so she does have a whole lot of lean muscle tissue to burn calories efficiently. Still, kudos to Janet.

Went to a party at the house of Gamma Dragon and Mistress Betty, ended up spending most of the time in the nice cool basement with g33kgoddess, avindair, saveau and his warrior bride, and the lovely MLRF. Appearances were made by Sarah and a brief hit-and-run with Josh as I was leaving.

It was nice to get out of the house, though I think I've been a hermit for so long I've forgotten how to be social.

There was food. I tried to be good, I really did, but I ate more than I probably should have. Hell, one day won't kill me. Besides, it was a celebration. I did not have any of the cake or pie, and only one chocolate-covered strawberry. The rest was mostly vegetables, though I did nosh on two of the grilled burgers.

Reinforcement of my choice to not breed was had.

Now I must snuggle with my pooch for a little while. That makes for a nice end to the day.