May 28th, 2006


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That would be the sound that woke me up this morning.

In my what-the-hell daze, I went looking for something that the kitties had knocked over or something.

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Holy shit.

My next-door neighbor, Roger, just died in his backyard. There are cops all over, and he's just laying there.

I just identified his body for them.

His TV set is still on as well as his dining room light, so it likely happened since it got dark, like in the past couple of hours.

Holy shit.

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Okay, no, this is just fucked up. They didn't cover up his body or anything, so when I go into the kitchen, he's just laying there. Not in my kitchen, but my kitchen window looks into his backyard.

I just checked, there is a cop car in his driveway, so apparently they're waiting for the body pick-up, but fuck me, it is just weird seeing him just lay there.

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Well, they just zipped the body up in a body bag.

Rigor had started to set in, and there's something very distinctive about the movement of a body with rigor.

There's no blood or anything, and he had a lighter in his hand. Looks like he was lighting up a cigarette and had either a heart attack or a stroke and just keeled over.

They're taking his cat too. I was at least able to tell them that he had a cat.

Everyone is clearing out.

I knew Roger. We weren't exactly drinkin buddies, but we were friendly neighbors. He had a green thumb and had a pretty decent backyard with lots of plants. Nice guy, pretty mellow. Don't know how old he was, but I'd say late 40's or early 50's.

Looks like they're all gone now. They had at least one detective, and it looks like the medical examiner was taking pictures. I suppose it's just procedure.

I feel...

I don't want to go to sleep. I don't want to be alone. I want to go somewhere where there are people and loud music, I want to hang out with friends.

This is gonna be a hard night.
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