June 28th, 2006


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I was just playing with some rubber bands. They're the kind that come wrapped around the Wall Street Journal when it gets delivered at work, and they're fairly big: the circumference of them is 14 inches. For a sense of scale, one rubber band will just fit around a CD.

Well, I just put them on my arm, and they slid down almost to my elbow, and stopped. How odd, I thought. Why would they bind on my forearm?

And it struck me as I looked that my forearm was bigger than the rubber band could fit. Not my bicep, my forearm. My forearm is the same thickness as a CD.

I can't see it. If I hold a CD in one hand and hold it next to my arm, the CD is obviously bigger, until I actually put the CD on my arm.

They're the same size.

I don't know why that's so strange, it's just really unexpected.

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Remember the 13-story building from yesterday that was listed at $44,900? There was a lot of speculation as to what was up with the listing.

The official word is that it is the price for one of the businesses in the building: Executive Coffe and Tea. And you'd still have to lease the space.

The whole thing chained from when I was driving down Nicollet and saw that the Werness Brothers Funeral Chapel building was for sale (3700 Nicollet Ave S. if you're interested). I stopped and took a look at it, since it's close to my house and the idea of studio/living/office space is still a siren song that calls to me from the dead of night.

Well, at first glance, it's in a state of disrepair. Nothing major that I could see, but definitely needing some carpentry work, some stucco repair, and a coat of paint. A bit more than general maintenance, but nothing that means it's going to collapse.

It's a pretty big place, though it's a pretty residential-looking building. It looks like a mid-sized home with a building attached in the back. There is a huge parking lot that really needs a recoat since there are trees starting to grow from the cracks.

Knowing housing prices in the area, I was figuring somewhere between $350-$500,000.

Nope. $1.9 Million.

Okay, first of all, 24,398 square feet of enclosed space? A city lot is only 5000 square feet, and this is maybe three lots wide. Unless there is some sort of a tesseract inside, I don't see how they get 24k, even with three floors.

Part of me is really curious. But not $1.9 Million kind of curious.