June 30th, 2006


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I want to write something meaningful and deep today, but the only thing that keeps runing through my head is movie...done...movie...done...

Okay, all the work isn't done. I still need to do the encoding and authoring and all that happy fun stuff, and figure out why my menus don't show up over motion backgrounds. I think it might be as simple as layer ordering, and I'll find out tonight.

But you know, this is a pretty goddamn major goal in my life reached.

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Well, suck.

Got home to discover that the render had failed, because I am OUT OF DISK SPACE. On a brand new 250G drive. That means I've generated enough NEW FILES to fill a 250G drive.

So, did some cleaning of some old renders that are no longer necessary, and restarted. Takes a couple of hours.

The full movie rendered with sound is something like 18G.

Nothing sux like electrolux.