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July 14th, 2006

Goddamn it.

Barb decided she wanted to talk tonight. I suppose I knew this one was coming at some point, but fucking ow.

Everything's fine. Just opened up a whole lot of old wounds.

Jul. 14th, 2006

magicmarmot's treasure is hidden ...
In his pirate booty! Yarr!
'Where did you bury your pirate treasure?' at QuizGalaxy.com
The refinance has crashed and burned.

The condition of the property (primarily the roof) makes it "unlendable" without repairs, and I can't afford the repairs without the refi.

Marmot is hosed.
Leading the options right now is selling the Big Broken Box™ and moving somewhere new.

I can't afford much of a new place.

It needs to be in the western side, since my work is down in Eden Prairie and I'd rather not try to commute through-city. Southwest burbs, Minneapolis proper, west burbs. Plymouth. Maple Plain. I might even tackle Buffalo/Delano if the price is right. Nothing against St. Paul/Wisconsin, but trying to drive cross-city in rush hour is insane.

I don't mind some repair work as long as there is sound structure to work with.

I don't need a big house, but I want a big workshop/studio space. Ideally, I'd build my own place. I need to have broadband internet both directions (DSL or cable is fine).

Own, not rent. Top-end price in the $200k neighborhood, less would be better.

I need yard enough for the pooch to be happy.

If you come across anything, let me know.

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