July 20th, 2006


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I could probably use a minion to handle ebay auctions for me. I could even pay a comission. Wouldn't exactly be high pay, but it would be cash and probably something spare time.

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I went to Roly Poly Sandwiches today for lunch. Had a Barbeque Jalapeno Beef rollup and chili.

Never again.

1.) With a name like Barbeque Jalapeno Beef, you would expect something like a BBQ sauce flavor, with jalapeno peppers. Turns out it was more like a slice of roast beef with something like a ranch dressing and red bell peppers, and the jalapenos had almost no flavor at all.

2.) The chili sucked, and tasted like old mushrooms.

3.) Now I just feel sick.

Shoulda done Subway.