July 25th, 2006


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Thanks mle292 for the faboo link.

I can actually buy these at a hardware store that's a block from my house. I'm thinking that I'll be making fair use of their services. $25 for the big bag, plus $95 to collect it after it's full, with no time limit between getting it and picking it up.

Dumpstering is actually one of the uglier issues. Paying rental on a dumpster, only having it for a short period (like seven days), permit for a street-load dumpster... it adds up. This is cheaper and more convinent.

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So I may not be able to get a home equity loan because the mortgage is in Barb's name, and I am simply a co-applicant.
To get the mortgage in my name, I have to refinance.
I can't refinance because the house is in an insufficient state of repair.
To get the money to repair it, I need to get a home equity loan.

Do we see the problem here?