August 3rd, 2006


Random insanity

Hello me call Katya. To me 27 years.
I have addressed to the Internet, because I could not find favourite the man in the city.
I search for the destiny, man, with which it will be simply good. I think, that I can make by his happy, because in me a lot of heat and tendernesses has collected...
There can be this lucky person you?:)
If you are interested, please, write to me on e-mail:
With impatience and hope I shall wait for your answer.

Also heard today:
"Cock fights are much better on mushrooms."

Just an example of why the radio station that I listen to in KCMO is better than anytyhing up here. Besides them playing Tool.

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Hey, codegeeks:

Since mine was the first-ever code review here, we don't have any code review report forms. Anybody out there have a code review report that they wanna forward to me?


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I kinda like That 70's Show. Not as much anymore, but when it was on originally, I did used to watch it pretty much every week.

One character that would show up on occasion was Big Rhonda. She was supposed to be a big, kinda chunky gal that was a bit geeky, dated Fez...

She was pretty obviously played by an actress in padding, but it was always hard to figure out exactly what she looked like.

Well, I found out. Her name is Cynthia Lamontagne.

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I had this little accident with the lawnmower.

You see, it starts with the safety bar. There's this bar that goes across the handle that shuts off the lawnmower if you let it go. Unfortunately, it's really uncomfortable because it takes some pressure to grip and after several minutes, your hands really ache.

So I used a grip clamp to hold it down. That of course means that the lawnmower can run without my actually holding the handle.

It also means that I can fill the gas tank while the mower is still running.

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