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August 5th, 2006

Can't sleep. Zombie clowns will eat my brains.
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Outside cleaning out the shed today. It's slow going, since it's a lot hotter than I'd like and I'm having to stop and rest a lot more often. I think I may run out to the StupidAmerica and get ice and water and put 'em in a cooler so I have a ready supply.

It is all in the name of working on the porch, since some of the materials for the porch are in the shed, buried under a few tons of rubble.
I can barely move.

Finished with the shed a little before 9:00, started at noon, took an hour to go to 'Nards and get shelves. I get credit for a serious workout today, and I sweated buckets. The water in the cooler was a really good idea.

There was also a lot of dust. Dust + sweat = grimy marmot.

I have now taken a shower, and I'm settling in for the evening. The shed is actually really well organized, there is room for a lot of the tools and chemicals currently in the living room to be moved out to the shed temporarily, and the whole back garage/workspace area is significantly cleaner.

It's not done by any means, but it's a hell of a lot better than it was.

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