August 9th, 2006


More spam poettry

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This comed from a message from the "fifth third bank" on some customer improvement stuff-- picture with text, click on the link, give your personal information, etc. etc.

I've never heard of the fifth third bank, except in spam. Does anybody actually fall for this stuff?

Google video links

Movie pimpage!

We have a distributor for Pray for Daylight, and it looks like it will be available for purchase through in the near future. I have to finish the DVD authoring first (of course), but now we're looking to generate some interest, so I'm pimping out our movies.

The first three are short films, the last is the trailer for the feature. Please watch 'em and rate 'em, and spread the good word.

Steve the Vampire

The Thing That Happened

Pray for Daylight: Hunter

Pray for Daylight (Feature) trailer

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So all of the audio and video tracks for the DVD are encoded, save one menu loop that I need to re-do that is short.

On the good side, that means I can start the authoring of the DVD tomorrow. On the bad side, it means I lose all of my chapter points and start all over again with the PITA chapter marking process, then I get to do the godawful scene selection menus all over again.

If I'm lucky, this weekend I'll have a DVD.