August 15th, 2006


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Brought the DVCPRO deck into Alpha Video this morning. They're going to check it out and give me an estimate.

Hopefully it's just a cleaning and lube. That's probably a hundred bucks, but it's probably due, it's been several years. The deck isn't a heavy-use deck, but it's possible that it could need a drum replacement, and that's a spendy little repair. And just when I was looking to sell it.

Perhaps it's the Great Bird of the Galaxy's way of telling me I'm screwed no matter what.


(no subject)

A little bit more down.

Took some construction equipment over to Muppet Labs tonight, along with the trailer. Win-win, since I'll be helping windelina and montecristobo fix their concrete steps, and it gets the equipment out of my yard for when the inspector does the inspection. It will come back eventually, but in the meantime I will be putting up the Dumpster-In-A-Bag on the parking pad and filling it with crap.

Tomorrow I need to mow, whack weeds, refill the tires on the wheelbarrow, move bricks, and set up the dumpsterbag. Anybody wanting to come over and help, I love you good long time.

Thursday will be filling the dumpsterbag and cleaning the crap out of the yard. Likely during the rain. I'm not looking forward to that little adventure, but it's pretty much a given.

Anybody want a round picnic table? It's pretty weathered but still solid; needs to be cleaned probably with a pressure washer. Haven't used it in several years and I just don't have the room anymore. Otherwise it's gonna go out front with a big FREE sign on it, probably this weekend. Benches go with it. I think there are three.

Marmot need woman-thing.