August 26th, 2006


Boringly mundane.

Bad mood today. No discernable reason. Probably should have just stayed in bed.

Framed in the door on the front porch today. Pain in the ass, it took all bloody day, and then I had to crowbar it into place. Somehow I managed to bonk myself in the head several times and drop the crowbar on my foot once. Exhausted.

Then discovered I was out of wet kitty food. Went to the pet store, it was closed. Went to Target, it was closed. Went to Micro Center-- it was open, but they had no kitty food. Looked at some games and DVDs, didn't see anything that I really wanted. I ended up going to Walgreens, and picked up some chinese food from the place next door.

I'm rapidly approaching a state of dysconciousness, and I'm going to lay in bed and watch bad movies until I fall alseep.
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