August 27th, 2006


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Having trouble sleeping. Too hot, mind won't stop spinning. Don't know if I might have a fever, or if I was dehydrated earlier, or too much sun, or something else entirely.

Had to shut off sounds in my AIM window. Somebody who I chatted with has a connection that keeps going up and down, and the most annoying sound attached to it. Kept waking me up, or sort of shattering what morpheus hath wrought of my fretful mind. Took me a while to find how to do it, but I like it better with no sound.

Softly irritated by small things. My hair hurts. Beautiful fake women on myspace. Internet dating sites are ass.

Bed now. Maybe sleep.
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Spent far too much time today fiddling with technical problems that I shouldn't have to deal with. Gorram computers.

I need to find a way to get there from here, and so far every path is an expensive one.