September 25th, 2006


All legal

New permit pulled for the front porch. Only took a couple of hours total time, so I'm back home and making lunch by noon. I need to tear off the remaining siding that's going and clean up the front before any actual construction starts, but I'm hoping that I can get to that today... otherwise the next couple of days will be really freakin' busy.

The front steps are an issue. I want to replace them, since code requires a 36" minimum landing outside of an exterior door, and to replace them I need to tear out the existing steps and go down a minimum of 42 inches for frostproof footings. That's a whole lot of digging, and it probably ain't gonna happen this fall.

Important thing is that this supercedes my Sept 28th deadline from the city.

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After the tearing off of the siding, I took a while and did some cleanup. It's amazing how messy the whole process is, and it actually took a little over an hour and filled two 55-gallon trash bags seriously full of non-recyclable debris. There was also the cleaning of the catbox, and we're talking the serious deep cleaning, from which I am just now sitting down.

I need to look up some techniques for splicing joists.