October 2nd, 2006


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There is sometimes a stage of night where the brain churns viciously enough that I'm having not-quite-dreams: awake but not awake, asleep but not asleep. I'll call it unsleep. Tonight is hamming up to be yet another notch in the strike-force belt of the unsleep, with disturbing images of being led down paths of critical puzzle-solving by an anthropomorphic Suckle Me Elmo doll (complete with the squeaky Elmo voice saying "Suck me! Su-uuuck me!"). Sometimes my brain is a cruel mistress.

To sleep, perchance to dream.

Made a bunch o' new userpics.

Gonna try the sleep thing again.

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Chills have subsided, now I'm playing blast furnace. Gonna open the window and see if this cooling off thing actually works.

Don't know if work will be in flagrante tomorrow. I did not have the spinach, but I did get back on the bike for a 50-minute ride after more than a week. There were green beans, but they were cooked. I can tell that I am loopy, since the plecostemus of words has no fairy drill, and cashout flagellates the bonfire.

I am the Manatee. Feel my whiskery wrath!

You have been worn. Er, warned.
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