October 4th, 2006


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Explore the wonders of creation. The imprint of the Creator is all around us. And the Bible’s clear—heaven and earth in six 24-hour days, earth before sun, birds before lizards.

Other surprises are just around the corner. Adam and apes share the same birthday. The first man walked with dinosaurs and named them all!

God’s Word is true, or evolution is true. No millions of years. There’s no room for compromise.

The Creation Museum walkthrough!

(totally unrelated, but fun)

Foley fodder

In case you want to see the actual IM's, Slate has them online.

I've seen worse. Hell, I've probably said worse.

Then again, not to a 17-year-old.

And I know how to spell "bulge".

Bear in mind, these are from 2003. Who in the hell keeps IM logs for years?

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Cut the roof wedges tonight, including an extra set since I screwed up the first one.

Bought diet coke (5/$10 at Rainbow).

Took out the kitchen trash.

Emptied the car passenger side of trash.

Started Laundry.

Changed out a broken light fixture in the basement.

All since getting home tonight.
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