October 7th, 2006


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Note to self: 4x8 sheets of 3/4" wood are freakin' heavy. Ten of said sheets take a long time to move, and you're wiped out afterwards.

Takin' a break from the heavy lifting. Unfortunately, it's a low-energy day (a low spoon day for those of you spoon theorists) so I'm having to take it slow. The good news is that I'm at a point of not having to climb the ladder right now because I have to pre-cut notched joists. While that's still work, it's not as physically demanding.


Even though I've figured out some rather ingenious tricks, it's still pretty tedious stuff, and I'm still having some seriously low-energy issues. I have sixteen short joists marked for cutting-- though it looks like I may only need fourteen. I'm going to try gang-cutting them, or at least 7-8 at a shot, as much as I can. I'll still have to do the finish notching by hand because I don't have a circular saw that has a deep enough cut (3-1/4"), but it comes with the territory.

I really wish I could nap.

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The notched joists are cut and moved around to the front of the house. Tomorrow the roof goes up, or as much of it as I can manage. I'm gonna try and rent a wallboard lift to raise the 3/4" OSB up to the roof level, 'cause that is bitch-ass heavy.

I am sweaty and full of sawdust, and I am beat. I'm gonna shower after I get a bit of energy back and then see about dinner if I can work up the gumption to nukerowave something. I have some leftover chinese food that might be good, but it might be too much work.

I'm thinking that tonight there will be sleep.
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