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October 8th, 2006


Everything is sore and stiff. Just popped an aspirin and a couple of ibuprofen, and I'm noshing on an apple and drinking some water to help alleviate the discomfort. Stoopikitty is helping by walking all over the keyboard demanding petting.

I lead a charmed life.

Oct. 8th, 2006

So I slept a bit later than intended. It's still morning, and that counts.

Gotta shower, head to the rental center and see if I can find a wallboard lift, and then get my ass crackin'.

Well, not literally my ass cracking. That would be bad. Although there's an ass-crack joke in there somewhere; I'll leave it for you to find it since I am above such lowbrow humor.
Taking a break in midmount.

Took an hour to get the 3/4" OSB up on the rafters. Not actually in place, just up there so I can get it in place later. I wanted to get it all up by 2:30 so I could get the lift back by 3:00, but that was a futile pissing-in-the-wind kind of pipe dream. Even with the lift, it was backbreaking work.

Did a number on my face, too. Using the nailgun to nail the joist hangars in place, and I managed to get it a little bit off center. Popped a nail that reflected right back and hit me in the face. Stung like the dickens, but oh well-- kept working for a while until I noticed something moving out of the corner of my eye: the nail was still stuck in my cheek. It's out now.

Go me. lio stopped by a bit later, it was probably some sort of proximity effect.

A few of the notches that I cut still had to be trimmed to make the pieces fit, so I'm spending a lot more hammer-and-chisel time than I'd like up on the ladder, but it pays to do it right. The notched sections are hella sturdy, and when the floor sheathing is down and attached, it's gonna be a thing of booty. I do need to cut some blocking pieces to fit in between the joists, but that can wait for a bit more downtime.

I'll get the joists up tonight. I won't get the sheathing attached, so it's gonna have to survive up there all by its lonesome until I can get the time to actually attach it, and I hope it's not gonna be raining and cold again soon. Looks like monday and tuesday will be okay-- a little cold-- and hopefully I can get the roof on and the roof condom in place by the rain on wednesday.

Back to the grind. (sigh.)

Cat and Ceiling Fan

Cat and Ceiling Fan
"Cat and Ceiling Fan" on Google Video
Why cats will never rule the world.
Joists are in place. The sole exception is the front piece-- it was just too dark to put it on. And of course, too dark to take pictures. I'll try to get those done tomorrow night, but I am done, toasted, poke me with a scuba fork, I'm beat like a redheaded beaty thing.

Thinkin' shower. Thinkin' food of some sort-- easy food, like maybe a pot pie. Thinkin' laying in bed and vegetating.
It's a wise thing if you're clever
Take a lead from Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether.

The bed, it calls my name, ready to wrap me in warm slumber and drift me off into the netherworld of dream and delusion.

I bear the scars of fruition, the tuition I paid is level with the rising cost of intercession. Delight, warmth, delerium, sisters of the broken stage follow me into the darkness where my kingdom awaits.

I salute you.

And now I must go.

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