October 10th, 2006


More spam poetry.

mind until the personality of James was again

with anger now, not with logic. Forcing a bit of control,
Since I was only chasing my tail with this line of

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Up earlier than god because of some unfortunate intestinal disturbances, so I'm in to work early. The good part about that is I get to leave a bit early as well, and that gives me an extra bit of actual sunlight in which to work my roof-y magic. The tradeoff is probably worth it, though I'm pretty logy and vacuous right now, and my tummy still isn't the happiest of creatures.

More later. Now meeting.

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There's a weird synchrony in the randomness of the cullings of these. Not all of'em; most of 'em suck. This one kind of flows in a subconscious sort of way.

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Haunt Crawl, part I

This Friday, Oct 13th, starting at 7:00 at the Fright Farm, heading out to Trail of Terror afterwards.

Any interest, please let me know.

(There will possibly be a part II at ValleyFair the following weekend if there are any good reviews.)

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Meeting for software process, check.
Meeting room with conference phone, check.
Meeting room door shut with heat on, check.
Meeting turning out to be boring lecture, check.
Dozing off during meeting, priceless.

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I finally made it off the roof at about 10:00 tonight, but the roof is completely decked, the joints caulked with polyurethane, and the surface sealed against moisture. Tomorrow it will be cold, windy, and rainy, and we'll see how well it stands up. This is also pre-roof-condom, so if it stays pretty watertight for the next couple of days, I'm pretty much golden.

I hurt in places that I haven't been in ages.
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