November 15th, 2006


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Yeah, fuckin' awake again. Cold/flu symptoms seem mostly abated, still some coughing and stuffiness, though I am still dosed to the gills with Ny-Quil. I think they changed their formula since the last time I bought it.

(Edit: yep, the bastards took out the pseudoephedrine. No wonder it seems like I have to take more, and no wonder I can't sleep.)

The voices in my head are back, only now they're playing the kind of music like you'd hear on an old transistor radio from the early 1960's set on the top shelf of a general store above the machine that sold coke in glass bottles for 15 cents.

There's a story buried in there.

Bed now. Try to sleep again.

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Free of the evil Ny-Quil today, as I am on deck to do a presentation.

Unfortunately, I have lost my voice, my sinuses are swollen, my throat is sore, and my neck hurts like a sonofabitch.

This does not bode well.

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Can you say strep throat?

I thought you could.

I can't, because I'm hoarse.

If you find yourself feeling sick, and I was frolicking with you at Omegacon, well...