December 13th, 2006


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VALPARAISO, Ind. (AP)- A teenager charged with driving 142 mph along a four-lane divided highway said he was speeding home so his parents wouldn't be mad at him for being late, police said.

Brandon D. Raap, 16, faces speeding and misdemeanor reckless driving charges and could have his license suspended, police said.

Porter County sheriff's deputies stopped Raap along a rural stretch of U.S. 30 at 12:40 a.m. Saturday after a radar gun clocked his 2004 Subaru Impreza going almost 90 mph faster than the posted 55 mph limit, police said.

It might be the fastest speed ever recorded on the northwestern Indiana county's roads, said Porter County sheriff's spokesman Sgt. Tim Emmons.

"Most people's cars won't go that fast," he said.

Raap told police he was late getting home and didn't want his parents to be angry, Deputy John Brubaker said in his report. Raap told Brubaker he didn't have a curfew but is usually home by midnight.

Brubaker didn't arrest Raap, who had a valid Colorado license, but told him to drive straight home and call him within an hour. Raap's mother, Cindy Raap, called instead and Brubaker told her what happened.

The Associated Press left a message with Raap's parents at their home in Valparaiso seeking comment. They declined to comment when contacted by the Post-Tribune of Merrillville.

"Kids sort of have tunnel vision," Emmons said. "They're so concerned with not getting yelled at or grounded, they place other people's lives in jeopardy."

The highway has two lanes in each direction, divided by a median, and traffic is usually light that time of night, Emmons said.

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Curiouser and curiouser.

I called TUBS and asked about the dumpsterbag. Apparently the dumpsterbag at the apartment complex down the road is the one that called for a pickup, and the pickup guy mistakenly got mine instead.

On one hand, it's a relief, at least for me. Of course, for whoever paid for the pickup at the apartment building, it may be a bit of a headache, particularly if the management company gets pissy about having a dumpsterbag on the lawn in back (they really shouldn't-- it's out of the way of pretty much everything-- but sometimes they can be cranky about stuff, ya know?).

It's entirely possible that they may send me a new bag since I wasn't done with this one. I don't really need it right now: if they just don't charge me for the pickup, I'll be more than happy as that's 95 bucks that I'd otherwise have to pay. And really, this one was pretty full of heavy stuff like concrete bags and construction crap, so it's not like it was a huge waste.

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Apparently when something spills on the bottom of the stove and you don't realize it, the next time you use the stove, it creates a lot of smoke.

A lot.

Also, when you clean your kitchen, it's not a good idea to put plastic things in the broiler drawer.
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