January 27th, 2007

skeleton drink


12 Fresh Mint Leaves
2 tbsp Sugar (or Splenda™)
1/2 of a firm but sexy Lime
1.5oz BACARDI Superior Rum (or even better rum!)
6oz Club Soda

Place mint leaves, sugar and 1/2 lime in a glass. Muddle well with a pestle. Stir. Add BACARDI, then top off with club soda. Garnish with sprigs of mint, a lime wheel, or more rum.

These really need to be made by the pitcher.

And I dare you to say "Muddle well with a pestle" while seriously buzzed.
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Huh? Wazzat?

Oh, it's you.

Hrm. I must have fallen asleep. No, I didn't "pass out": if I had passed out, I'd still be wearing pants. Well, my pants anyway. Are these yours?

No, I'm not hungover. Not really. I killed a few brain cells last night is all. Apparently the ones needed for balance and coordination-- sorry about that, I'll get a towel. On second thought, maybe it's better if you get the towel, it's right over there. I'm not real good at this "standing up" thing right now.

Yeah, ramen noodles sound great, thanks. No, nothing in 'em, my stomach is being a little cautious this morning. And could you hand me the ibuprofen? Thanks.

And, um, any idea why the dog is covered in spray cheese?
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