February 24th, 2007


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Everyone has heard the old rhyme

Rain Rain go away
Come again some other day

I have a new one for the snow:

Snow Snow Fuck Off

Since the Saturday plans were cancelled, I spent the afternoon with Artemis catching a movie (Breach) that turned out to be pretty good. We hit the California Pizza Kitchen afterwards and had dinner, which was also pretty good.

Then I came home to drifted snow in the alley, with stuck cars that had to be shoveled out and moved before I could park. I got out and helped, then did some pre-shoveling on the driveway so it won't be so bad tomorrow. I'm finally back inside and almost thawed.

Sadie is a happy happy dog because of the fresh snow. She romped and played and now she's a tuckered out pooch. And I'm a pretty tuckered out marmot. Marmots don't particularly like shoveling snow.

I also have new DVDs to play with. Gonna go watch some now.