February 25th, 2007


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Started shoveling snow. The plow had gone through and there was two-and-a-half feet of packed heavy chunks at the end of the driveway. After an hour, I had gotten rid of enough snow to get the 'Sploder out, and I hadn't even touched the sidewalk.

So I broke down. I hopped in the 'Sploder, fishtailed my way out of the alley and went to Menards.

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So guess who fell asleep watching Lemony Snicket?

The phone rang. In my mind, there was thins "who in the hell is calling me at 4 in the morning?" Except it wasn't 4 in the morning, it was a little after 6:00. Star six nine made a three-digit dial then a "trunk busy" sound (the fast busy signal), I think it tried to redial star six nine.