February 27th, 2007


Deadheart Jones

Trying to remember what happened last night.

  • I got the snowblower out to clear out the plowsnot from the sidewalk, then put it away again afterwards.

  • I got the old broken microsnowblower out of the basement and put it out front along side the street to make it go away. I figure it will be gone by tonight.

  • As part of excavating the old microblower, I managed to spill a half-gallon of turpentine on the basement floor. I didn't even know I had turpentine. Oddly, I really like the smell-- it's like pine and art.

  • Cleaned up a bit of the basement. Managed to get enough stuff out to more than fill the trash can at the end of the alley, but there's still a buttload left.

  • Replaced the broken light fixture in the basement.

  • Moved the pile of *stuff* from in front of the Room Where No One Walks into the basement. I still have to sort the stuff, but I can now get into the room, and in general it looks a lot cleaner.

I would have done more, but there were issues with breathing-- I still have some upper respiratory crud happenin'.

Basement needs some serious work yet, like with a shovel and industrial strength disinfectant. I still have some cans of paint and stain that I need to triage and figure out if any of them are worth keeping. I'm betting not, but it's at least worth a look.

It's coming together. Really, it is.