March 2nd, 2007


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SO yeah, there was some damage to the 'Sploder. The radio antenna is bent, the rear wiper broke off, the windshield cracked, and there are a few dents and scrapes. Could have been worse I suppose.

Taking a break for lunch, then back to the grind.

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The 'Sploder is unburied, the former parking tarp/carport thingy is dismantled and pretty much destroyed, and the snow is almost entirely cleared-- enough for parking anyway. Sidewalks are cleared.

It's also snowing just a bit. Unless it picks up horrendously, I'm done for the night.

I'm cold, exhausted, and feelin' the bad day.

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Artemis stopped by after work and took me out to dinner since I had been having such a shite day. Went to Applebees, it was nice.

sleep comes now.