March 11th, 2007


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It is not for the sleeping to be having.

Feelin' a little sick. Not entirely sure what's happening here, but it's not pretty by any means. Brainy brain tosses and turns like a salad next in line for the throne of Rome, croutons of thought left spicy and unrefined, a dagger in the heart of taste.

I should sleep, perchance dream silly dreams of frolicking all mimsy among the borogroves, spring in the air and the inflated sense of fishbelly-white skin, exposed and naked where no skin has gone for many moons. Tender flesh, waiting to be tasted and sullied with dubious joy and panther-soft fur, strong and sleek, dark as the night.

I am Widdershins, come to take my reprisal from among you. Choose carefully, for there is no turning back, no apology, no soothing sounds to cuckold you off to sleep. It is but bare raw need, gurgling through you inbred like a bank in water up to its knees.

I salivate with your pretense. Largely.


Took Sadie for a walk today. Since it was such a nice day, I brought along the camera and took a bunch of pictures of things along the way. Sadie was a bundle of joy, because there were other dogs, and puddles, and mud. By the time we got home, she was exhausted and muddy, and she got a bath-- and right now she's crashed out on her bed.

Not annotated at all. They are in chronological order though.

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It's been a day. Taking the pooch out was a very good thing overall-- it at least got me walking around in the sunlight for a while.

There's an undercurrent of stuff burbling down inside me. I don't know what it is yet-- and no, I don't mean it in the Chrohn's Crones sense, more the psychologemo variant. Like monsters in the basement, hiding under the back stairs of my brain.

I'm gonna hop into bed and watch Dead Like Me episodes until I sleep. Sadie's been fluffy-brushed, and now she's laying in the Hall of Doors. I flipped her bed over so the dry side is up, but I'm gonna have to wash the outer covering this week anyway.

Love by wire.