April 25th, 2007


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Busy today. Bug hunting. Tonight is slated for a trailer trip to the 'Nards to get facade materials. I'm debating whether I should hit Home Despot in the same trip to get mt replacement saw for the one that was stolen. I'm thinking yes, even though it means spending a chunk of money at one shot that makes my pooper pucker.

A part of me wants stillness, a chance to sleep, perchance to dream. Not gonna happen soon, too much to do, to prepare, to build, to fix.

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I'm beat.

I picked up the materials for the facade tonight, which meant loading and unloading the trailer, as well as having to drive around a bit to find 8" sonotube. I also picked up a new saw and a portable heavy-duty miter saw station that folds up and wheels away but expands to 8 feet if necessary. It's actually made for the saw, which is freakin' awesome.

I also have a bunch of paint.