June 4th, 2007


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LJ has been fluffing posts lately. Server errors.

In case you're wondering, I'm not doing the 48 hour film festival. Simple reason is that I'm already swamped with CONvergence stuff, mainly the facade, and I have no time or energy to contribute.

Saturday was full of meetings. I finally got home around 5-ish and decided I really needed groceries, so off to Cub I drove.

Oh, yeah. 35W is closed. Southbound traffic is detoured to Nicollet. It took me three hours to get from my house to the store, do the actual shopping, and get back home. With the day pretty much burned, I packed up some DVDs and went down to the house of Artemis for some relaxin' and movie watchin'. Back roads there and back.

Sunday... sickamuffins. Did some quick reconfiguring on the facade which I'll detail later, but didn't do any actual buildy stuff. Finally collapsed into a little bed-puddle by 7:00. Woke up briefly around midnight in starvation mode, noshed on various things then back to sleep.

Woke up this morning swollen like a stuffed peach.

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So last night I turned on the kitchen light only to find out that the overhead fluorescent had died-- I think the ballast fried. It's the second time since I've owned the house. Really? I hate the overhead fluorescent. I really want to do undercabinet halogens and maybe some track lighting to hit the wall that doesn't have the cabinets at all, but you know, now just isn't the time for it.
I'll probably live with what I've got in place for now, at least until I can do some additional wiring and schtuff. I have some over-the-sink halogens and the range hood light which is pretty good for now. And since the part of the wall with the electrical feed from the basement is open and exposed, it will be relatively easy to change the wiring that I need to.

I'll just add it to the list of stuff I need to do.