July 9th, 2007


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Back home from CONvergence. 'Sploder is unloaded. I am exhausted. I'll try to elaborate more tomorrow, but right now, the bed calls to me.

(no subject)

I have been so involved with doing the facade for so long, I feel like I'm heading toward a wall when I get home. It's almost impossible to imagine that it's just plain gone now... other than the pieces that I kept.

I was planning on keeping the pillars, but they didn't survive the traffic really well. They could be redressed a bit, but really where in the hell was I going to put them?

And if I ever get to a point where I need something like that, I can build new ones... having learned from my mistakes on these.

I think tonight there may be napping. Or dog time. Or maybe a little cleaning. We shall see.