August 7th, 2007


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Well, hell. My car insurance is due, and they raised my rates. A lot. Like a 60 percent increase.

This is because I have a speeding ticket from 2004 (one speeding ticket in 25 years, suck ass), and an "at fault" accident.

When I contest the "at fault" classification, I am told that because they had to pay out for the repair on the other vehicle, I am considered "at fault". This sounds fishy to me, but because there was no police report, they can essentially claim that I am at fault since I was the one who was turning. I could probably contest that categorization through a more formal means, but even if I do that, but I'll still have to pay the increased premium in the meantime.

Which sucks ass.

Looks like I'll be juggling money for a bit. Again.
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