September 5th, 2007


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A few weeks ago, I had purchased a good-sized watermelon for a party. It was never opened, so before it went bad, I decided to try and save it for later. Knowing that watermelon doesn't freeze well, I tried something a little different and put it in the blender, strained out the juice, and froze that.

It's not bad. Kinda popsicle-ish, but different.

I should try this with raspberries or strawberries, or cherries. Yum!

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Today at work was the company outing, and we got tickets to the Twins game at the Metrodome. I'm not a huge sports fan, but what the hell, it was free and a day off work.

Started with the Park and Ride at St. Snelling, followed by my first ride on the Light Rail system. It was pretty full, and kinda fun-- if one of the stations was more convenient to me, I'd probably use it more, but for the distance I would have to drive to get to a station, I could pretty much drive to any of the destinations. It still might be worth it for saving on parking when I need to hit the strip clubs, but I digress.

Metrodome, my first time inside. And I have to say that professional baseball is one of the more boring spectator sports in existence. The Cleveland pitcher has quite an arm, regularly pitching balls in the 95 MPH range, but his accuracy was a bit off. The seats at the dome are about two inches too short, and the circulation in my legs was getting cut off pretty much all the time. Large coke was $5.50, beer (3.2 even) was six bucks.

It was also "Dollar Dog day", or as I like to call it "hoof and snout day". I had two of the so-called hot dogs, and I'm still paying for it. Ugh.

Twins lost. Not a huge surprise.

Train ride back to the Parky-ride was packed full-- I stood the entire way, and I can't remember the last time that I went that fast standing up.

Then home. Thought about going to work afterwards, but a few minutes in rush-hour traffic changed that pronto.

And now I'm here, about to go out in the heat and nail boxes to studs. It sounds dirty, but it isn't.

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Back in 1978, a couple of college-age buddies got together and shot a short horror movie called "Within the Woods". You probably never heard of the movie: I've seen it, and it's nearly unwatchable.

They shot this movie in order to shop it around a bit and raise some funds to shoot a feature version of the film. And actually, they managed to scrape together enough to shoot it, though not without some problems.

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