October 9th, 2007


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Oooh, I got to play with liquid nitrogen.

-196°C. I know because the reason I got to play with it had to do with interfacing to a digital temperature controller. It now reads properly down to the boiling temperature of liquid nitrogen.

Of course, coding during the boiling of the LN2 was fun, trying to debug, code, reset, and run while the stuff is evaporating away was a bit tricky, but I made it.

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Okay, in the sense of being all fiscally responsible and shit, I paid my bills. I am paid up for the month of October, completely and fully. And I have money left in my savings account.

No, really, this is a strange feeling.

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I have a friend who is looking for part-time work. She's available fridays & saturdays (she already works full-time at a credit union), but due to her husband's unemployment is strapped for cash and is heading into foreclosure. She's good with numbers (accounting and such), but is okay with other things as well. And no cleo, she doesn't know how to solder.

If'n you know of anything that might be appropriate, let me know.

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