October 23rd, 2007


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Lost moment in a bubble of time. The world is rushing by at the speed of sound and fury, but for this one moment, it stops just long enough for me to hear the faintest pin drop. I am god, I am elixir, I am the sand between your toes on a warm sunny day at the beach.

Things are what they are. The wind will blow long after I'm dust in some corner of a forgotten bookshelf, the stuff of stars and perilous adventures for the downtrodden.

Joy is what you make of it. Set the world aflame, breathe in the musty scent of servitude, collapse into a puddle of sorrow, this day will pass like any other.

Joy be unto you. You are not of the body.

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My body is fucking with me. I've been eating primarily vegetables and a bit of meat today, almost entirely cabbage and broccoli. After walking the dog, my body is shutting down for lack of any energy-stuff to burn.

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