October 25th, 2007


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This comes from Mark at the Fright Farm:

Good Evening!

Hope all is well with everyone, and that we're all having a lovely Halloween season.

We are in a bit of a casting bind at the Fright Farm; we are searching for a male actor, age 21 or over, to play a vampire, this Saturday night, October 27th. Our regular Count Dracula is out on Saturday, and we're looking for someone to fill in for just the one night. Not a huge commitment, just a few hours.

It is an unpaid position, however we do provide dinner for our actors beginning at 5pm, and all the soft drinks, bottled water and snacks anyone could ever want. Costume can be provided, if needed, as well as assistance with makeup.
The Fright Farm is in its 12th season, and (in all modesty!) is one of the most popular Halloween attractions in the Twin Cities, so it would be an opportunity to perform for many, many people in an "interactive horror experience"; which is alot of fun!

As a fund-raising event sponsored by the Ramsey County Sheriff's Department, Ramsey County Risk Management now ask that all volunteers submit to a background check. This is a department-wide policy, and all Sheriff's Department volunteers, whether they be Reserves, VIPS, miscellaneous staff, etc., are asked to do so, not just the Fright Farm. And it doesn't hurt. Really! I've had it done and it didn't hurt at all.

Aside from that, we just ask that the person remain in their assigned set for the duration of the show, be willing to take direction, and be able to make the 5pm Call Time. (Or at least as close as humanly possible!) .

So, if you or someone you know is interested, please call me ASAP! And - just as importantly, please have them e-mail their full name (including middle name) and date of birth to Fright Farm Personnel Director Jim Daly at: dalyjim3@aol.com. Also ASAP! (If not sooner!) This is for the background check.
Thanks everyone! And have a perfectly horror-filled Halloween!