November 12th, 2007


It takes a village to raise an idiot

Mondays should not be for work, they should be for recovering from weekends.

I'm a bit on the slow side this morning. Sleeping back in my own bed with the CPAP machine (the cord was on the floor, it had fallen out while I was packing) means that my face is puffy like a red-headed stepchild, particularly my eyes. It looks like I was smacked around by mamajenzie, when really the only smacking I got was from scotia_girl(which was still not a deterrent), and even then it wasn't in my pretty, pretty face.

People are asking me today if I'm feeling okay. Apparently I look like hell. There are dark circles under my eyes that do look a little like I got smacked in the face, and since I'm stiff in the shoulders and calves, I am walking funny. Funnier than usual.

Apparently you should not eat your iPhone.