December 4th, 2007


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Sooo tired. Wanted to sleep, but I had to finish three more foreheads (painting and hair punching) tonight, because I want to sleep eqarly tomorrow because I have to be at Channel 9 at 5:30 in the fucking morning on Wednesday. And we have rehearsal Wednesday night until after 10:30.

This is a long fucking week.

(no subject)

Swelterinmg pusbags of fuck. Three hours to get home, on what is normally a 30-minute drive.

I have no time to plow the driveway and sidewalk. I won't have time to plow the driveway and sidewalk until tomorrow night after work at the earliest, unless I want to be running the snowblower between 11:00 and midnight, which would likely piss off the neighbors.

I'm not off book. We are performing tomorrow morning earlier than God.

I broke a windshield wiper blade on the 'Sploder tonight.

I'm really REALLY cranky right now, and likely to take it out on the next people I see.