December 23rd, 2007

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The days now get longer.

Looks like Mom isn't coming down for Christmas after all due to adverse weather, so I will be a Christmas orphan this year. I have a turkey to cook, and yummy pork roast.

It's cold outside, snowing and windy. Seems like it might be a good day to watch movies.

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Since I'm a last-minute Christmas Orphan this year, and I know a few of you are as well, and I have a good chunk of meat products that I've been cooking, I'm thinking of having a Big Broken Christmas­­™ potluck. No presents or anything like that, but bring something edible or drinkable to share.

I have pets, and my house is a mess, but if you're willing to put up with that, there is good company and bad movies to share.

Anyone? Bueller?
santa flash

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The snow slowed down enough that cranking up the snowblower was a good idea, so I hopped outside and blew everything I could.

croonerboy is having giggle fits right now, I can feel it.

Did the back part of the driveway/parking so when Lauren comes home she has a clean place to park, and can actually get in the driveway (assuming she can get up the alley). I did the sidewalks, and pretty much did the entire sidewalk along the block so the people who live here will vave a lot less to do tomorrow. I also plowed out the across-the-alley neighbor's side parking pad. The've been parking both vehicles in their garage, but it's a really tight fit, and this will give them some room for the toddler. The snowdrifts were a couple feet deep in places, and even with the light fluffy sugar snow, it's tedious with a shovel.

And I saw two bicyclists and a motorcycle (with a sidecar) out tonight. Hardcore folks.

More snow tomorrow night likely. Tonight I have warm food, a clean conscience, and movies to watch.