March 21st, 2008


this is not a post

Surprise in the shower this morning. I had forgotten about changing the water filter, and was greeted with a most wonderful high-pressure sluicing that reminded me of just why I like the high-pressure invigorating shower.

Of course being greeted with a couple of inches of heavy wet snow this morning made me cranky, especially driving in it. There were a few accidents, though it looked more like they were from inattentive driving rather than snow-related spinouts or anything. Of course, snow makes people more susceptible to inattention, so blame the snow anyway.

Sadie the Snow Dog loves it. She looks like a kid at Christmas. Dog joy is a wonderful thing.

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I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm getting sick.

I got home and blew the snow-- about 45 minutes-- then took Sadie for walkies for another hour. And I was drained solid, to the point of having to just lay down. And now I've got that fuzzy slightly feverish quality going on.