March 25th, 2008


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Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Mila Kunis as an extroverted tropical hotel worker that finds a guy who is devastated by the loss of his girlfriend, particularly when she shows up at the same hotel with her new boyfriend, pulls him out of his shell with her fantastic charm, and turns out to be a much more fantastic woman than the girlfriend who dumped his ass.

Yeah. Right.

Guys: acting like a pathetic baby and whining your ass off and being scared will not endear you to attractive twentysomething hot babes no matter how extroverted they are.

Also, Mila Kunis will not do you.

She wants me.
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Nathan Filliion's birthday is coming up. March 27th. It's on his myspace page. Including the "Which Firefly Character Are You" test.

He scored as Kaylee Frye.

I am amused to no end.