May 17th, 2008


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So the "economic stimulus" money that's coming to us?

There's an "adjustment" that comes in based on your adjusted gross income.

My "stimulus" isn't gonna be all that stimulating.

The good news is that I'll be able to stock up on toilet paper for a couple months.

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Got the lawnmower running today. Sharpened the blade, got new gas, new air filter, checked the plug, oil, and all that nifty stuff.

While mowing, I hit something and bent the blade. The thing I hit was a paper bag with nothing in it, so I'm guessing there was a tree root or a rock or something underneath it. Got a new blade to replace it, but I haven't put it on yet.

Then I got some Weed-B-Gon and a sprayer to hit the lawn to kill the broadleaf stuff that's encroaching, and some ant destroyer for the little fuckers that are undermining the sidewalk. While unhooking the sprayer, I managed to soak myself with water.

I was thinking of attacking some of the tree roots with Frost's Nemesis, but I'm thinking maybe I should wait for a less clumsy day.

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Put the new blade on the mower and finished the lawn. The old blade was not worth trying to fix.

Took Frost's Nemesis out and did some root hacking. That's gonna need to be a separate project, as it's far tougher than estimated, and I have to dig out the roots.

Tried to remove the nut holding on the blades, and it's very seriously on the spinner. It's gonna take a different kind of vise grip than I have to get it off.

Added a couple more fans to Ultra's case for the video board and the memory. I need to make a change because I miscalculated the depth of one of the fans by about an eighth of an inch and it won't fit now. Figures.

The yard needs some work. I have a power rake blade coming next week that I'm gonna try on the side yard that has essentially no grass left and see if it works there. It's gonna get mulched anyway, so it's not a big deal if it tears up the dirt.

What's happened is over the years, the buildup of dead leaves and grass has raised the level of the topsoil by a few inches so it's over the top of the sidewalks and the like. To really fix it would involve some heavy-duty tools and more time than I can spend on it, so I'm gonna do what I can as an interim.

Bed soon, I think. Vicodin is my friend.