June 18th, 2008


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Back from the dentist.

Congenital tooth defect. Both the right and left side split right up the middle, an extremely rare occurrence. The right one was pulled last year, this one was pulled today. Pulled is a bit of a misnomer, more like broken apart and chiseled out.

At least I'm symmetrical.

The Novocaine is wearing off now, and it's solid bone pain. This is the one where the root of the tooth was actually protruding into the sinus cavity. The entire left side of my face is immovable. I go back in the Monday after CONvergence to get the stitches pulled.

Trying to eat some yogurt. It's not easy.

I also went to get my lab appointment taken care of, all the blood draws I needed. Precursor to my next doctor visit.

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I got this idea for a meme because in an email exchange with one specific friend I realized I have many friends who are geeks who work in various computer jobs (yeah, geek stereotypes holding true) but I have no idea what they actually DO. So I decided to create this meme for my broader friends list. I'm not tagging anyone but if you feel like it, post an overview of what your job actually entails. Be as general or specific as you like... but I know I'd like to have a better idea of what some of my friends really do for a living, and some of you might too.

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Okay, so with all the fun pain from the dentist, you'd think that maybe I'd take the night off.

Instead, I set up the circle jig and drilled and cut out the stanchion bases. 36 of them. Discovered that one of my measurements was off by a little tiny bit, so now I'm going to have to set up a similar circle jig for the router table, and run all 36 of the bases through that.