June 22nd, 2008

rob cam


We wrapped principal photography on the little porn horror movie last night, with the help of mamajenzie and scotia_girl. Went a little longer than planned, but we ended up with 55 shots in 5 hours

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I did do a few pick-up shots this morning, but they were quick and easy. Now all I have to do is convert, edit, add the digital effects, record ADR, add music and sound effects...

Maybe a rough cut for CONvergence. I'll at least have some footage.

Like I said, it's a busy busy time. And I am thoroughly exhausted.

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For those of you going to the Star Wars exhibit, remember to bring your cameras. I had to use my cell phone camera, and now I can't find my adapter to get them off the phone and onto the computer.

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Really freakin' tired, and about to head into the blissful land of sleepism. This weekend pretty much sailed by in a blur of gottagetstuffdonenow, and the rest of this week promises to follow suit in a big way. I think by the time the convention rolls around, I'm gonna be ready for the hot tub.

But right now, I'm gonna cuddle with the pooch and drift off.