June 24th, 2008

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Thanks to mle292, there was some kicking of ass on the stanchions tonight. The bases are drilled, the first coat of varnish is on, and all of the top colored bits are painted, most of them with at least two coats. It's farther than I thought we'd get, and is a definite happy.

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I didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night-- I didn't get to bed until well after midnight-- so I'm still a little woozed up today. There are elements of crunch week happening here, trying to get stuff finished before the convention that always seems to be stemming from last-minute-itis.

I'd tell you what's happening in my life, but it's basically work and facade stuff. There are a few other things in there like making a movie and walking the dog, and actually managing to gain weight despite the whole limited eating and daily exercise thing that is pissing me off like a heifer in a whorehouse, and the pinched nerve in my shoulder.

That's pretty much teh suxx in my life right now. It could be far worse, but I'm really looking forward to some downtime.

I have four panels at the con that I need to prepare for, and a bunch more that I want to attend. And work in some social time and tubbin' as well.

And sleep. I remember sleep. I do.

I took the next week as vacation time. Looking on it now, it was a prudent decision. We do load-in on Tuesday. Wednesday I'm at the convention.

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jmanna, mle292, and Melissa (who AFAIK doesn't LJ) all came by to help process stanchions tonight. More awesomeness was had, I was filled again with large quantities of sawdust, and there was much in the way of odd conversation and somewhat contented dogness (Sadie got to be with a whole lot!).

There's still a buttload more to do, but it's really pretty amazing how well things are going.

And I enjoy being somewhat social.