June 27th, 2008


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Stanchion bases are painted with the first coat. That may be enough, I'll have to see tomorrow. Stanchion tops are ready to attach, thanks again to mle292 and non-LJ Melissa.

Jeebus, that was a lot of painting.

Unfortunately I have nobody scheduled to help tomorrow night, and I could really use it. There are still a bunch of ropes to cut and finish as well as the last touch-ups and attaching the tops to the bases. And being done tomorrow night is a primary goal, because there are still two other projects I need to finish.
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Call for help

Facade help

Okay, not exactly the Facade, but the stanchions. I still need help tonight, so for those of you looking to get a couple more volunteer hours in, it's an easy way of getting a little time in before the convention itself.

Tonight is primarily the cutting and finishing of the ropes. It's not glamorous, but the company is pleasant, and if you like dogs, I promise you dog time with a sniffy, barky dog who smells a little like cheese.

There will also be some PVC gluing, but that will be very short. And if I get enough people, there may be lacquering.
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Storm before the calm

So many people who attend CONvergence end up thinking of it as this big event, particularly the people who work at the convention itself.

In my case, it's the time before the convention that's the flurry of activity and stress, so by the time the convention actually rolls around, I can get a nice calm floaty feeling.

And yeah, it's that way on purpose.

I've worked at the convention in some capacity for nine of the ten years; the exception was 2004 when I was in the Gulag, and in that case I was only able to help windelina by doing the sound edit for the Invader Zim entry. It was the first time I had done a sound edit completely remotely, and it was pretty cool to be able to do it.

By keeping the majority of the stuff to be completed before the con, it leaves me with having the con as a sort of reward where I can see and appreciate the work that others have put into it. And there are some truly creative folks doing some really cool things.

(Aside: I just discovered how to answer my cell phone with the bluetooth headset. And no, it wasn't obvious.)