July 15th, 2008


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Last night I reattached the unhooked cables back to the house and also reattached the 220 line coming in back to the wall (the conduit, I didn't rewire it), then visited with Bryan for a while. There was a lot of dog time since he has his brute Moseley along (Big black lab, friendly and playful), and we had some doggie tricks learning time and some jealous Sadie time. Good dog time, but Sadie is a little put out that somebody else was getting attention.

I also picked up some R2 bits for the Hardiboard screws so I can attach the last of the exterior Hardiboard. If I get my ass in gear, I can also bring out the tubercular saw and start cutting my big-ass foam boards into 14-1/2" strips so I can start insulating the ceiling. The porch is rather hot in the summer, go figure.


construction, deconstruction

Found out today that the siding folks are waiting for me to finish the front porch siding so they can do the front wings. It just means that my priorities have changed for the porch, which is totally fine, and I need to go with my idea for the windowsills and get them the fuck done.

So, likely some different work tonight than I was planning, and having to get some mortar mix on the way home. I also need to pick up some more 5-gallon buckets (I CAN HAS BUCKET!) with lids so I can do some happy happy premix for my stone veneer experiments.

I also need to start the demolition on the front steps. That gets complicated by the need to actually use the front steps, so I also need to come up with a temporary solution that can be in place while I work on digging a new foundation and prepping all the concrete pours and the like. It still won't be handicapable, but it will get me one step closer. I'm thinking of something along the lines of a drawbridge that I can move up and out of the way when I need to access the place in front of the house, and take steps down the sides.

Now I need to add a moat.

Don't think I haven't considered it.

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Took both Sadie and Mosley for a walk tonight. Two dogs. Simultaneously. At the same time.

Sadie is ten, and has arthritis. She's not a high-speed mover. Mosley is sort of like walking a baby moose with the attention span of a hey-was-that-a-squirrel?

Verily, the comedy, it did ensue.

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