July 23rd, 2008



So like I thought my yogurt tasted a little funny. Figured that since it was a different brand, it was just a different flavor.

Notice anything suspicious?

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Feeling better today. Still not turned up to eleven, but more solid than the righteous flake-day yesterday. Yesterday there was vomiting and dizziness, and more than one fainting spell, for which I suspect the blood pressure medication or some variation thereof.

New short-term goal for health & weight loss. I'm within close-humping distance of my first 100-lb goal, and I have something special in mind for one aspect of that-- a bit carrot-and-stick-ish, but it doesn't hurt. There will likely be more in the eventuality, because it really is a pretty big milestone, but a lot of the stuff that I'd like to do (like have an actual party) depend on other things (like cleaning the house). This is a small carrot, and it makes sense for me; it's more to just boost my efforts right now since I've plateaued again, and I'd really rather not go a couple of months on this one, kthxbye.

Thinking in negative space, trying to design a mold that I can use for a couple of identical pieces, and trying to determine if that's even the right path. It might make more sense to just create the two positives and encase them in Carbonite.

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Oh, to push the envelope.

I don't need permission anymore. There's a kind of disconnect in my head about that, but it's starting to leave and be replaced by the knowledge that this stuff really is my decision, and not anybody else's.

On the good side, it's nice having permission. On the not-so-good side comes the knowledge that I'm also responsible for the consequences of those decisions.

No, this probably makes very little sense to anyone but me, other than the obvious "duh!", but there is context in my head.

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Designing some bits of the porch to reflect some architectural detail on the rest of the house-- an aesthetic that ties everything together. It's a relatively simple geometric shape, and I need to figure out how to replicate it.

So I climbed up on the ladder to get some pictures, and to see how badly damaged the top pieces are, since they're original to the house from 1922. They were made of heavy-gauge galvanized steel, but after 86 years of Minnesota weather, that's not necessarily meaningful.

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On the plus side, my CAD program can import .WMF vector files that I can create in Paint Shop Pro by drawing a vector line segment that traces the profile of the trim piece. It even approximates the measurements.

On the minus side, it then crashes when trying to measure angles.