September 8th, 2008


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Followed closely by my digital still camera going all wack on me. It looks like an electronics error instead of a physical one, so I've pulled the battery and am recharging, and we'll see if that makes it fixy. I suspect that I may be righteously hosed and it's likely time to get a new camera.


Not right now. Other things first. If I really need a camera, I can use Darthcam in a pinch.

Eventually I'd like to get a nice digital SLR with a true 35mm sensor so I could restore my 35mm skills. I like Nikon. My 35mm SLR is a Minolta XG body, and I have a pretty decent compliment of lenses, but I'm not married to it, and I could convert the lens suite to a 35MM adapter for Darthcam.

So, my camm-y friends, any recommendations?