September 30th, 2008


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I'm kind of preparing for the economy to take a great waffling Cleveland Steamer before I get too far into the plans for the house construction. I had wanted to do a garage this year, but after getting a couple of estimates that started at $30k, it was pretty obviously not gonna happen. To even consider something like that is gonna take a refi, and there's no way in hell I'm gonna jump on that hydrapony right now.

And really, who knows where we're gonna be this time next year? We could be suffering in a post-apocalyptic miasma, or we could all have flying cars and remote sexbots to pleasure our essentials. I suspect it will be somewhere in between, prolly a little rough in the moneybags and a lot of whining.

Figuring I'll be hunkering down for the winter and putting foam insulation in a lot of the windows. It's not exactly pretty, but an R-10 pinkboard eats a hell of a lot less heat than an R-1 equivalent single-pane window, and I'll sacrifice the view of the neighbor's house for a cheaper heating bill.

A few weeks ago I brought home some pinkboard with the plan to make molds for pavers. I think I may sacrifice them to the greater good of winterizing instead.

Now is not the time to be planning for the future.

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Got into a "discussion" with the boss's boss today, and it looks like I may have actually "won".

Made something today for theophania_79, a small thing that I think is neat. I don't know if she will think it's neat, but it's a decent bet.

Back to the grindstone.

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Pasta sauce in the crock pot tonight. A wide swath of peppers since I'm planning on freezing this, and I'm making it as hot as I want to: A couple of Anaheims, a couple of big jalapenos, a couple of Serranos, and a couple of habaneros. A full head of garlic, and a pound and a half of ground turkey. And an onion. And the usual suspects. It'll simmer down to about four quarts, or something like 32 half-cup servings. That's a lot of pasta, fazool, but come this winter it will make for nice hot meals.

Edit: And oh, my, is it good. The Anaheims give it a real tang.