October 6th, 2008


getting stoned

Cut some stone for making molds.

On my table saw.

"Cutting rock on a table saw," you may ask, "How is such a thing possible?"

It takes a really effing expensive saw blade. I found one tonight.

I pretty much cut strips from the rock, a couple of inches wide. I'll glue these onto some backer boards, prep them, and pour some silicone molds from them. Then when I finally get to pouring rock, I'll have additional molds of real rock profiles.

The rock is actually pieces that had originally been used to delineate some long-dead flowerbeds. Limestone, really flaky but basically solid.

Some of the pieces split while I was cutting them. I'll use the smaller broken pieces as texture stamps in some clay to create some clay negatives up to the approximate size that I want, then pour some plaster positives from those and make more silicone molds.

"But if cutting wood makes sawdust, doesn't cutting stone make... I don't know, stone dust?"


A lot.

And it's really fine.

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